Application criteria

People in the following categories are qualified to apply for any of our programs:

  • Those who cannot truly afford a formal education. Those whose parents are diseased/deceased and who have no form of support from family, friend and relations. People in this category can apply
  • Those who have admission into government owned secondary or higher institutions and could not afford the fees and have nobody to support them through school. People in this category can apply
  • Those who are in school and lost their sponsor with no other person they can turn to for help and hence about to drop out of school can also apply
  • Children of school age whose guardian have no financial capability to send to government primary school can also apply

In all cases we will be validating every information provided by all applicant through a screening process before selecting those to benefit from the program. Only verified applicant whom we can cater for per time shall be admitted into our programs.

Conditions to be fulfilled:

  • Applicant to secondary must have passed entrance examinations into any public secondary school at the point of application and have admission letters into the public secondary school of their choice
  • Applicant to tertiary institution must have passed their O’ levels and have admission into any government higher institution
  • The foundation will not continue to pay for applicant who fail in school

Please note that the foundation may not be able to admit all successful applicants. Hence, we operate a queuing system where every qualified applicant that cannot be admitted at the point of their qualification will be placed on the queue until such a time when the foundation fund can cater for them. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone we picked is seen through the tertiary institution.

We will only admit people who are desirous of going to school and cannot afford it to our programs. By this we mean people who are passionate about being educated and are willing and ready to invest their effort at studying hard to pass. The foundation will not fund failure at any level whatsoever. People under our programs will be expected to pass in school for them to continue to enjoy the funding. This will allow us to bring as many people as are possible unto the program

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